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Social Media Marketing

Onbuzzer specialize in using influencer marketing as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy with more than 400 Indonesian KOL. We offer a range of services including influencer selection, content creation, campaign planning, execution and measurement. Focus on providing customer needs, KPI and target audience.

Various & Cost-effective Social Media Marketing
Targeted Campaign

Set campaign plan based on clear target audience and campaign goals.

Various KOL

With more than 400++ KOL in hand, we can set KOL that fit to your campaign and target audience.

Fast Communication Flows

No need to approach KOL by yourself, just give us KOL that you need we'll give you the KOL.

Cost-effective marketing

We offer you campaign solutions that are cost effective and valuable campaign plan.

Social Media Marketing

The Process

Identify campaign objectives and target audience
Research and identify suitable KOL
Develop and plan content for campaign
Execute the campaign and monitor KOL
Hand over campaign result metrics
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